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Book Reviews

Although advocates and academics alike have embraced the notion of advanced manufacturing locating in cities, the literature has lacked a compelling and detailed vision of what a new industrial urbanism would actually encompass. This comprehensive volume fills that gap, with a powerful visual analysis thoroughly grounded in economic theory and historical context.

- Karen Chapple, Professor and Director, School of Cities, University of Toronto, Canada



Typically the purview of logistics consultants and engineers, Tali Hatuka and Eran Ben-Joseph make a compelling case that industrial districts should be an important area of focus for urban designers. The reemergence of direct-to-customer and small batch manufacturing and the proliferation of last mile e-commerce distribution facilities means that many types of industrial facilities need to be integrated into the urban core and not segregated to the expanding metropolitan periphery. New Industrial Urbanism provides a comprehensive roadmap for how this can be considered and accommodated.

- Tim Love FAIA, Professor Northeastern University and Founding Principal Utile, Boston, Massachusetts


In a time of dramatic changes in industrial strategies and manufacturing, New Industrial Urbanism provides a much-needed spatial approach to exploring the relationships between city and industry. Hatuka and Ben-Joseph offer valuable lessons to those who are committed to communities and places, and actively engaged in shaping our cities’ built environment.


- Elisabeth B. Reynolds, Former Executive Director of MIT’s Industrial Performance Center and Task Force on the Work of the Future; Special Assistant to the President of the United States for Manufacturing, National Economic Council

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