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Curated and designed by Tali Hatuka and Eran Ben-Joseph


Production and research assistants: Roni Bar, Karen Johnson, Minjee Clara Kim, Elizabeth Kuwada, Christopher Rhie, Hen Roznek


Production assistant: Yorai Sharon


Curated for the Wolk Gallery by Gary Van Zante and Amber Sinicrope


Support for this exhibition is provided by: Joseph Klafter, President Tel Aviv University and Yoav Henis, Vice President for Research and Development;  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Department of Urban Studies and Planning; MIT School of Architecture + Planning, and Council of the Arts at MIT.


Special thanks to: 

Merav Battat, Carmel Hanany, Shelly Hefetz, Michael Jacobson, Hila Lothan and Yoav Zilberdik, at LCUD, Department of Geography and Human Environment, Tel Aviv University.


Stephen Kennedy, Jonathan Crisman, Rebecca Disbrow, Michael Kaplan, Noah Koretz, Jared Press, Alice Shay, Naomi Stein, Merran Swartwood, Alexis Wheeler, and Ezra Glenn, at the Department of Urban Studies & Planning, MIT.


MIT International Science and Technology Initiative (MISTI) 






Laboratory for Contemporary Urban Design

Department of Geography and Human Environment

Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv, Israel


Department of Urban Studies and Planning

School of Architecture + Planning

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cambridge, MA, USA


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