Tali Hatuka

Head of the Laboratory of Contemporary Urban Design, Tel Aviv University

Tali Hatuka is a senior lecturer and the Head of the Laboratory of contemporary Urban Design, the Department of Geography and Human Environment at Tel Aviv University. Hatuka works primarily on social, planning and architectural issues, focusing on the relationships between urban development and design, conflicts, and everyday life in contemporary cities. Hatuka is co-editor of Architectural Culture: Place, Representation, Body (2005), and co-author of State-Neighborhood (2012) (Hebrew edition). Her book entitled Revisioning Moments: Violent Acts and Urban Space in Contemporary Tel Aviv, was published with University of Texas Press (English, 2010) and Resling Press (Hebrew, 2008). Her work also has been published in a wide range of journals, including the Journal of Urban Design International, the Journal of Architecture, the Journal of Architecture and Planning Research, Planning Perspectives, Political Geography, and Geopolitics. In addition, she is writing a book, entitled Urban Design and Civil Protests: A Contemporary Mediation, as part of a large urban sociology project funded by the European Community. In 2008-2009, her research was exhibited as an interactive multimedia exhibition, “Urban Design and Civil Protest,” at the Compton Gallery at MIT Museum (http://designprotest.tau.ac.il/). Hatuka recently won the Young Israeli Architect - Rechter Prize for her contribution to architectural and planning discourse (Ministry of Culture and Sport, 2012).


Hatuka received her B.Arch at the Technion (1995), M.sc in Urban Design, at Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh (1999), and Ph.D. at the Technion (2005). Hatuka has been a postdoctoral fellow at MIT Institute of Technology, Cambridge (2004-2008).

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